The Trailer for ‘EA Sports UFC’ Is Here, and It Looks Kind of Amazing (Video)

ea sports ufc

Earlier this week we told you the biggest news about the upcoming EA Sports UFC—namely, that it will feature Bruce Lee as a playable character that you can unlock the easy way (by pre-ordering the game) or the hard way (by beating career mode on the pro difficulty setting). And that, of course, is awesome.

Now, however, we have the first gameplay trailer, and it looks like Bruce Lee won’t be the only awesome thing about EA Sports UFC. Only time will tell how the game actually plays, of course, but right now we can say for sure that the thing looks fantastic. And it turns out that, in addition to all the current UFC stars like Jon Jones and Rhonda Rousey, you’ll also be able to play retired legends like Chuck Liddell and Georges St-Pierre

Take a look:

The game comes out for PS4 and Xbox One on June 17. However, if you want to play Bruce Lee right away, pre-order that baby.

Here’s a list of where you can do that.

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