Fan Loses Wallet At Marlins Game, Gets It Back With $20 and an Awesome Note (Photo)

Miami Marlins wallet note

Apparently, some fans of the Mami Marlins are also huge fans of the human race (members of small, endangered groups have to stick up for each other, you know).

According to a recent tweet from the MLB Fan Cave, a fan named “Cristhian” lost his wallet at a Marlins game, and got it back with $20 extra and a note attached.

And the note wasn’t just your typical useless chicken scratch scribbled on a piece of paper.  This note was special.

Check it out:

For those having trouble reading that chicken scratch, here’s what it says:


I found this at the game last night and wanted to make sure you got it back.  I added $20 to is so you know the world is a great place.  Do me a favor and when you get the chance, do something nice for someone else.

Hope you enjoyed the game last night.  Go Marlins!!!”

If one were feeling cynical, one could suggest that a note like the one in the above tweet was clearly written with this kind of viral spread in mind, but does that really matter? It’s still a cool gesture, and hey, whoever wrote the note also pitched in 20 bucks, so good on him/her.

The Miami Marlins might also be thankful for the free publicity, since they’ve had a problem with low attendance as of late. Perhaps if everyone gets the idea that they’ll receive $20 if they leave their wallet somewhere in Marlins Park during a game, attendance will spike.



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