Sacramento Kings Fan Wins a Kia by Sinking Half-Court Shot (Video)

fan wins car half court shot sacramento kings game

The Sacramento Kings are nothing if not consistent. Unfortunately, they’re consistently bad rather than consistently good, or even consistently decent. In each of the past four seasons the team has won between 22 and 28 games, and this year, with four games remaining, they sit at 27.

Now, this kind of consistency can take a toll on the fans. But hey, while the organization may be unable to put a winning team on the floor, at least they give their paying customers the opportunity to win cool prizes by sinking half-court shots.

Prior to the season, the Kings had a contest in which, if fans made a half-court shot, they’d win season tickets. And last night, during the second quarter of their loss to the Thunder, the Kings gave one lucky fan the opportunity to win something he might actually be excited about: a new car!

Obviously the guy made the shot, or else I wouldn’t be writing about it. However, the best part is that the owner of the dealership who provided the car was actually at the game, so he had to put on this big fake grin and act like that sh*t didn’t ruin his night.

Take a look:

It’s unclear at the time whether this guy knew he’d just won a Kia. But hey, a free car is a free car, right?

Hat Tip – [Point Forward]

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