2014 MLB Facial Hair Power Rankings: The 15 Best Beards and Mustaches in Baseball

best beards mustaches mlb 2014

Some people will look back at this era of Major League Baseball, note the drop in batting averages and ERAs, and call it “The Golden Age of the Pitcher.” Not me, though. When I look at the game right now, the most noteworthy trend I see is not the dominance of pitchers but the preponderance of splendid facial hair. So in my book, this is “The Golden Age of the Beard.”

Don’t get me wrong. The ’70s and ’80s produced some truly breathtaking mustaches. I don’t mean any disrespect to Rollie or Goose or Rod or Dennis. However, the always-clean-shaven Yankees notwithstanding, we haven’t seen such a radical forsaking of razor blades in the game of baseball since the 1800s.

So who is leading the way in this facial hair revolution? Today’s list answers that question.

Take a look.


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