Mike Greenberg Loses March Madness Bet, Milks Cow While it Craps On Him (Video)

Mike n Mike milk cow

Mike Greenberg of ESPN lost a March Madness bet, and as a result he had to milk a cow on TV. That was probably bad enough, but the cow (whose name is Vanessa, thank you) expressed her displeasure by defecating all over the place, including on Greenberg.  This is what people in the entertainment industry often refer to as an “unexpected bonus.”

Mike Greenberg’s Mike & Mike co-host Mike Golic was on mic duty, giving play-by-play commentary on Greenberg’s attempts to pinch the teat and get the milk in the bucket. Then, when the eruption happened, Golic seemed genuinely delighted, as if he knew he had just stumbled upon broadcasting gold.

If you have the constitution to appreciate cow milking (as well as other bodily functions) in the morning, you can watch the video of Mike Greenberg’s interrupted attempt to milk a cow below. Enjoy, and take this as a reminder that your day could be worse.



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