‘Golf Digest’ Releases Paulina Gretzky Cover Shoot Photos (Gallery)

You’ve probably already seen Paulina Gretzky‘s now infamous Golf Digest cover photo (plus at least one funny knock-off), thanks to the unusual amount of controversy it managed to whip up among golf fans. Now, if you’re so inclined, you can take a look at some of the other photos taken during the shoot.

The photos of Paulina Gretzky for Golf Digest were shot by Sports Illustrated‘s legendary photographer Walter Iooss, who captures The Great One’s daughter in a variety of poses—some of them golf related, but most of them not, which will seem appropriate to those who consider her to be an interloper.

You can take a look at the photos of Paulina Gretzky for the cover of Golf Digest, courtesy of the magazine itself, in the gallery up top. And if this somehow stokes your appetite for more golf related content, you can check out the Golf Digest website here.




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