Vin Scully Delights With “Crack Pipe” Anecdote About Torii Hunter’s Dad During Game (Video)

Torii Hunter Vin Scully crack story

The legendary Vin Scully gave viewers of Tuesday’s game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Detroit Tigers a little bit of back story on the Tigers’ Torii Hunter. Specifically, he shared a questionably appropriate story about Hunter’s father’s struggles with a crack addiction—which, among other things, gave Scully a reason to use the phrase “crack pipe.”

The story itself is actually pretty sad, involving Hunter finding out his father had a serious drug problem by discovering a crack pipe in his own jacket, which his father had borrowed the night before. But the incongruity of sharing such a story during a baseball game, added with the obvious pleasure of hearing Vin Scully say “crack pipe,” makes this a smile-inducing video.

You can watch that video for yourself below. Or, you can go the rest of your days wondering what it would sound like if Vin Scully said “crack pipe,” which would be a pretty silly decision on your part.

Here’s the video:



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