Watch Andre Iguodala Shatter Quincy Miller’s Ankles with a Phenomenal Double Crossover (Video)

golden state bench reacts to andre iguodala double crossover ankle-breaker

You see that image, with the guys on the Golden State Warriors bench covering their mouths in disbelief? That’s from the Warriors-Nuggets game last night. It was their natural reaction when Andre Iguodala pulled off a sick double crossover that left Denver’s Quincy Miller flopping around on the court like a fish out of water.

The play came early in the game with the Warriors up 18-11. Iguodala grabbed a loose ball in the defensive end and headed the other way. The Nuggets all got back on defense, though, so he was quickly outnumbered. And that’s when he evaded Quincy by going behind the back, then cutting the other way.

Here’s the video. Keep an eye out for the reaction of Stephen Curry at the 0:05 mark. He was impressed, to say the least.

I don’t have an encyclopedic memory or anything, but a quick scan of my personal databank suggest this was the best ankle-breaking crossover of the year in the NBA. If I’m wrong, though, please point it out.

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