John Daly Will Be Selling Masters Memorabilia Out of His RV at the Augusta Hooters All Weekend (Pics)

john daly hooters augusta masters

Everyone knows the Masters is steeped in tradition. The pimento cheese sandwiches, the green jackets, the exclusive membership practices that didn’t allow black people to join the club until 1990—Augusta National thrives on doing things the same idiosyncratic way year in and year out.

That being said, the greatest tradition at the Masters doesn’t even take place at Augusta. In fact, it actually has nothing to do with the official tournament.

Every year during the tournament, from sunup to sundown, in the parking lot outside the Hooters restaurant located at 2834 Washington Road in Augusta, Georgia, you can find hard-livin’ redneck golf folk hero John Daly…selling golf merchandise out of his recreational vehicle.

You see, Daly doesn’t get invited to play the Matsers anymore. Because they extend so many invites to amateurs and former champions, only the top tier of PGA Tour members get invited to play, and “Long John” hasn’t been in the top tier for a long, long time.

However, Daly still goes to Augusta every April to visit with his fans and sell them sh*t. And the best place to do that, obviously, is their natural habitat—Hooters.

Here’s a pic of him snapped Thursday morning:

john daly hooters masters 2

And here’s a pic of him snapped Thursday evening:

john daly hooters masters

As you can see, he changed t-shirts at some point in the day. And when you think about it, it’s hardly surprising. You know the dude is eating at least 40 wings a day this weekend.

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