11 Hottest WAGs at the 2014 Masters

2014 masters wags

The the 2014 Masters is on this weekend in Augusta, which means a lot of sports fans will be watching on TV or keeping tabs of the leaderboard on their phones.

However, you don’t to be a huge golf fan to take an interest in the Masters. You just have to be a fan of attractive women.

You see, pro golfers tend to have hot wives and girlfriends—just like real pro athletes. And because the Masters is a kind of a big deal, most pro golfers have their hot wives and girlfriends with them in Augusta in the event that they actually win. They, in turn, make watching the Masters on TV slightly more entertaining.

But who, in particular, should you be looking out for? Yeah, that’s the question.

Fortunately we have the answer. So take a look.

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