Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Blasts Penalty Kicks Past a Young Soccer Goalie (Video)

Rob Ford soccer

Toronto mayor Rob Ford‘s reign of hilarious terror continued at a recent press event announcing the future opening of a children’s soccer camp. Ford squared off against a very young goalie for a photo op and rifled, not one, but two goals right past the poor kid.

“I used to play a little soccer in my day,” says Ford before launching another ball right past the kid’s horrified nose. But hey, it could have been worse.  He could have tripped over his feet and fallen on his face or given the kid a crack pipe.  I just feel sorry for the kid, that’s all.

You can watch the whole thing in the minute-long video below. My favorite part is probably Rob Ford trying to make up with the kid at the end.  The tension is palpable, and I predict that 15 years from now, that child will come back for revenge on Rob Ford.

Here’s the video:

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