Flopping Youth Basketball Player Obviously Watches Too Much NBA (Video)

kid basketball player flops

Earlier today we showed you a mix tape featuring the prodigious ball-handling of 8th grade basketball player Jordan McCabe. It was awesome, and you should go watch it. However, before you go do that, you might as well take a look at this video starring another kind of young basketball prodigy.

We don’t know his name. He is not freakishly huge, and he does not appear to possess any extraordinary ball-handling abilities. He is, simply, an extremely gifted flopper—nay, flopping genius.

Take a look at the video. Note his impeccable timing, the way he projects himself backward, and the way he skillfully uses his opponent’s mass and momentum to sell the call.

The person who uploaded this video on YouTube didn’t offer many details. He (or she) only said the flopper didn’t like that he got his ankles broken, so he retaliated by drawing a foul. 

Congratulations, LeBron James. This is your legacy!

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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