Russell Westbrook Took a Nasty Spill Blocking a Shot During a Time Out (Video)

russell westbrook blocks shots during timeout

I imagine some Oklahoma City Thunder fans have some mixed feelings about Russell Westbrook. On the one hand, he’s really good, and they probably appreciate his competitive spirit. On the other hand, they probably wish he was a little less temperamental, and that he would avoid doing things that might injure himself and ruin the team’s chances of winning a championship.

Last night’s Thunder-Pacers game offers a perfect example of this dichotomy. With five and a half minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Pacers called a timeout and Paul George threw up a meaningless three-point attempt as everyone was walking off the court.

What did Westbrook do? He blocked the shot.

Then the ball bounced to George Hill at the top of the key and he shot it. So Westbrook blocked that, too. And in doing so, he took a hard spill on the court.

So like I said, fans have to love that competitiveness. But they would probably love it more if Westbrook stayed healthy and the Thunder won an NBA title.

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