11 Reasons Why Bubba Watson Should Be Your Favorite Golfer

bubba watson selfie masters champion 2014

When Bubba Watson won the Masters in 2012, casual golf fans could have dismissed him as a one-hit wonder. However, when he won it again this past Sunday, the man joined a pretty elite group. Only 17 golfers have ever won the Masters more than once, and the list includes names like Nicklaus, Palmer, Woods, Mickelson, Hogan, Player, Nelson, and Faldo, just to rattle off a few. 

The point? Bubba Watson isn’t just any old member of PGA Tour anymore. He’s now a first-tier star.

Of course, while Bubba may only have cemented his superstar status this spring, he has been one of the most entertaining and likable players on the Tour for years now.

Why? Because the guy has charisma. And with this list, I’m going to prove it to you.

Take a look. By the end, I guarantee Bubba Watson will be your new favorite golfer.


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