Joakim Noah Can’t Believe It’s Snowing in Chicago (Video)

joakim noah reacts to news that it is snowing in chicago

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah may get paid millions of dollars to play basketball, but apparently, deep down, he and I have a lot in common.

I know this because his reaction to the news that it was snowing in Chicago last night—in the middle of [email protected]$#ing April—was pretty much the same as my reaction when I looked out my window this morning at the snow covered streets in my own neighborhood: disbelief, disappointment, dejection.

Take a look. It’s one of the best post-game interviews we’ve seen in a long time:

Yes, Joakim. This is bullshit. Just two days ago I was walking down the street without a jacket. Now it’s snowing?

Go [email protected]$# yourself, weather.

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