Knicks Fans Point Out Raymond Felton Heckler, Have Him Ejected (Video)

 Knicks heckler ejected

It’s tough to get into the mindset of a really nasty heckler. A little bit of passion is expected at basketball games, but once it goes too far, the temptation is strong to do whatever it takes to get the guy to shut the hell up.

That was just the case during Sunday’s game between the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls at Madison Square Garden, and this time, enough fans got the same idea to get the guy ejected from the game.

You can’t clearly make out everything this heckler was shouting, but most of his taunts appear to have been directed at the Knicks’ Raymond Felton, making reference not just to his performance on the court, but also to his legal troubles off it.

Regardless of what he was shouting, he must have been irritating enough people to be noticed by not just the fans in the stands, but by the players on the court as well.  As for his eventual ejection, it’s pretty satisfying, even if you hate the Knicks.

You can watch it all go down in the video below. The system works!

Hat Tip – [Sports Grid]



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