Close Call: Watch This Race Car Driver Narrowly Avoid Decapitation by Flying Tire (Video)

lloyd read indylight crash near miss

It’s no secret that you have to be slightly insane to drive race cars for a living. However, at least the guys in NASCAR fly around the track at 200 mph while sitting inside a steel cage that offers at least a sense of security. Sure, you can still snap your spine in half like a twig, but at least you won’t be decapitated by flying debris. Probably.

The guys in IndyCar, Formula One, or any other open-wheel racing circuit don’t even have that. They sit right out in the open, fully exposed to the pavement and anything else that might come their way. So decapitation is always a real possibility.

That brings us to IndyLights St. Petersburg, which was the first race on the IndyCar development circuit’s 2014 schedule. During the race, driver Lloyd Read nearly got decapitated by a tire that broke loose after a wreck, and the near miss was caught by his onboard camera.

Take a look. The close call comes at the 0:28 mark.

As you can see, we were about two inches from having another horrific auto racing death on our hands—one that would have rivaled what happened at the 1987 South African Grand Prix.

Luckily, Read lived to tell the story.

How do these guys do it?

Hat Tip – [Jalopnik]



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