The LA Kings Had a Crazy Dad in Their Corner Against the Ducks (Video)

Crazy LA Kings dad

What gives a team the competitive edge? Some say it’s hard work, others say talent, and still others say it’s simply luck.

Personally, I choose to believe that it comes from having guys like this in the stands, even though the Los Angeles Kings still ended up losing to the Anaheim Ducks over the weekend.

I don’t know for sure that this Kings fan is a dad, but he looks (and dances) so much like a quintessential dad that I would be shocked if he didn’t have at least two kids. And no video like this would be complete without a bored-looking woman standing next to the guy on her smartphone—a standard with which this video gladly complies.

I suppose there’s a chance that this guy isn’t really that big a Kings fan and was instead just rocking out to Metallica. You can form your own opinion after checking out the video yourself, below:



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