Houston’s Patrick Beverley Gives Us the Worst Shot of the NBA Season (Video + GIF)

patrick beverly worst shot of the year

We’ve seen a lot of amazing plays in the NBA this year, from sick crossovers to amazing 360º reverse layups to incredible monster jams.

The play you are about to see is not one of these. It lies all the way over on the other end of the spectrum, next to the layup airballs and the entire Knicks season. In fact, this just might be the worst shot of the year.

The perpetrator? That would be Patrick Beverley of the Houston Rockets. He threw up a shot against the Spurs last night that went behind the backboard and hit the stanchion.

Here’s the video:

And, so you can watch it over and over ad infinitum, here is the GIF:

patrick beverley worst shot

Embarrassing? Sure. But at least now Patrick Beverley is famous for something other than injuring Russell Westbrook.

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