Boston Marathon Finish Line Evacuated Due to Abandoned Bags, Arrest Made (Video)

2014 Boston Marathon Bomb Scare

It’s been almost a year since the Boston Marathon bombing, and many were probably expecting this year’s marathon to go off without a hitch.  That was until a couple of abandoned backpacks were found near the finish line and had to be detonated by a police bomb squad on Tuesday.

Upon further investigation, it was determined that the two backpacks weren’t bombs.  Rather, they were “hoax devices” placed there by a “performance artist” named Kevin Edson, who was also captured on video wearing a black veil, makeup, and yelling “Boston strong” near the finish line. He has been taken into custody by the Boston PD.  As for the contents of the two backpacks, reports indicate that one had a rice cooker loaded with confetti, while the other contained photo equipment.

You can get a complete rundown of the day’s events regarding the Boston Marathon bomb scare and lockdown from Deadspin here.  And to see about a minute-long video of Kevin Edson’s weird and creepy behavior, just take a look at the YouTube video below. This year’s Boston Marathon is scheduled for Monday, April 21st.

Here’s the video:



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