Chris Paul Channeled Michael Jordan Last Night, Imitating MJ’s Iconic Baseline Move (Videos)

chris paul jordan baseline move

This year Kevin Durant broke Michael Jordan‘s record of 40 consecutive games with 25 points or more. The guy has had a monster season and is a shoe-in to win his first MVP award.

That being said, if it’s Jordan-like play you want, Chris Paul is your guy. Last night, Paul channeled his inner MJ against the Nuggets, putting Evan Fournier in a blender with the same iconic baseline move Jordan used against the Knicks in 1991.

Actually, I wouldn’t say it was the same move. Paul’s might have been better, if you can believe that.

Here’s the play by Jordan:

And here is Chris Paul last night:

Yeah, that was sick.

The Spurs and Thunder got most of the attention this year. But the Clippers have more wins than either Indiana or Miami, and they are led by this guy. Would you really be that surprised if they won it all?



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