These Joakim Noah Animations Are All Kinds of Amazing (GIFs)

joakim noah animations

Normally when I do a post like this, I try to introduce the video or GIF by saying something about the subject matter. The idea is to provide some sort of context so the video or GIF seems relevant to current events.

In this case, however, there really is nothing to say to set up these awesome Joakim Noah animations. Instead, I’ll just mention that they are the work of Australian illustrator Chris Edser.

Edser has a number of ongoing projects, including a series of animated shorts on Comedy Central called TripTank. However, one of the most random and amusing things he does is run a basketball animation Tumblr called Ron Artist (or MettArt World Peace). And that’s where he first posted these amazingly bizarre animations inspired by the Chicago Bulls’ All-Star center.

Here is “Joakim Noah plays defense”:

joakim noah animation

“Joakim Noah plays offense”:

joakim noah animation

“Joakim Noah shoots free-throws”:

joakin noah animation

“Joakim Noah listens to his coach”:

joakim noah animation

And, last but not least, “Joakim Noah likes to party hard”:

joakim noah animation

I agree with the folks on reddit. This should be made into an actual animated NBA cartoon series. It would be amazing.

Hat Tip – [Chris Edser via reddit]

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