Johnny Manziel Shows Up at Rangers Game with Sexy Brunette, Internet Goes Crazy (Gallery)

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If you’re a hot chick looking for 15 minutes of fame, all you have to do is be seen in public with Johnny Manziel.

Seriously. That’s it.

If you don’t believe me, just ask the busty brunette you see in the photo above. Her name is Kyndal Kyaire, and yesterday afternoon she was just your typical sexy model working as a bottle service attendant at Fluxx Night Club. However, last night she went to the Texas Rangers game with Johnny Football and sat in the front row. Pretty soon, because the internet is a total perv, everyone was trying to figure out who she was, and this morning the folks over at Busted Coverage finally figured it out thanks to a reader tip.

Now everyone thinks she is Manziel’s girlfriend (or at least someone he’s getting busy with), and people like me are writing posts like this.

We live in a crazy world.

Anyway, at this point you’d probably like to see a few more photos of Kyndal, just to make sure she’s hot enough to be dating a guy with his very own Drake song. And normally I would just refer you to her Instagram account. However, it seems that Ms. Kyaire has removed all the photos from her Instagram account, so I can’t do that.

Luckily, I can show you this gallery of screen grabs I took before the pics went awol (I’m savvy like that).

Take a look:

Congratulations, Mr. Football. You truly are NFL ready.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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