Rangers Fan Does the Nae Nae After Catching a Prince Fielder Home Run (Video)

 Rangers fan nae nae

Remember this guy?

His name is Trent Williams, and two years ago he became popular for performing his “sprinkler dance” after catching a home run ball at a Texas Rangers game. Not long after that, he showed everyone that he can do “the worm” as well.  And now, it appears as though he’s added the “nae nae” to his dance arsenal.

It happened after Prince Fielder hit what happened to be his first home run of the season, driving the ball into right-center field where it landed in the hands of Williams. And that’s when Williams celebrated with Fielder by busting out the “nae nae.” Impressive work.

You can see the latest performance from Trent Williams in the Vine post below, which inaccurately describes the ball he caught as a foul. I guess it’s easy to get details like that wrong when you’re being dazzled.



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