Lightning Fan Snaps Sweet Selfie with Hockey Scrum (GIF)

Lightning fan selfie

The Lightning lost Game 1 of their first round series against the Canadiens in overtime last night, so most of their fans went home unhappy.

Not the guy you see here, though. His favorite hockey team may have lost, but when Steven Stamkos and Andrei Markov started a scrum along the board, he took the opportunity to snap a pretty sweet selfie.

Or at least, we assume it was pretty sweet. So far nobody has seen the actual result. We only have this GIF of the guy getting his shot:

Lightning fan takes selfie during scrum

Now, on the one hand, the sight of somebody turning his back on a hockey scrum is pretty bizarre. After all, that’s exactly why people pay big bucks for seats right up against the glass—to see hockey players fight up close and personal.

On the other hand, if the selfie turned out well, that’s the kind of photo you cherish the rest of your life.

Plus, hey, he’s all over the internet.

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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