Brewers and Pirates Benches Cleared During Brawl (Video)

Brewers and Pirates Benches Cleared During Fight

Sunday’s game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates was the occasion for a massive brawl that cleared both team’s benches. The focal point of the fight was a disagreement between Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez and Pirates outfielder Travis Snider, both of whom were ejected from the game in the wake of the fight.

The brawl provoked a flurry of speculation on what future disciplinary actions would be taken, particularly towards Gomez, who appeared to start the fight after flipping his bat upon reaching base, then taking off his helmet and punching Snider. And Gomez was reported on Twitter to have pledged an appeal if indeed he is suspended for the incident:

He’d certainly have a good reason to appeal MLB’s decision to suspend, given that he’s become a pretty invaluable member of the Brewers roster as of late, helping them to achieve the best record in baseball during this early part of the season. But according to another tweet from a reporter who was there, he’s also refusing to apologize for his role in the fight:

In any case, you can expect an announcement of MLB’s decision regarding any further disciplinary action from this brawl, if there are any, soon. Until then, entertain yourself with video of the fight below.

Here it is:



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