Jesus Gets Ejected From Easter Bruins Game (Video)

Jesus at Bruins Game

Easter has always been an important day for Jesus of Nazareth, but he apparently decided to take in a hockey game on Sunday anyway—although, his treatment at the game was closer to what he received on Good Friday 2014 years ago, rather than Easter Sunday.  That’s because the Romans (or in this case, the Bostonians) kicked him out of the garden (TD Garden, to be exact).  And to top things off, a couple of unfaithful people in the crowd even booed him!

I have to say, though, it seems from the video that most of the people at the Bruins/Red Wings game on Easter Sunday were delighted by the sight of the “Son of God,” and he even ended up being named “Fan of the Game” after making an appearance on the Jumbotron.

Call it “Christ’s Sermon on the Jumbotron,” if you want. Here’s a picture tweeted by Boston sports reporter Jared Weiss:

In seriousness, I’m not sure why Jesus was escorted away from the Easter Sunday match-up between the Boston Bruins and the Detroit Red Wings.  Maybe they were worried he was going to walk on the ice.

Either way, here’s video of the incident

Happy Easter!



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