Married Coupled Severely Injured in Boston Marathon Bombing Cross the Finish Line Together

patrick downes and jessica kensky boston marathon victims complete race

The Boston Marathon bombing took three lives and forever altered thousands of others, but it also united the people of Boston and inspired acts of heroism too numerous to count. And for that reason there are literally hundreds of amazing stories of selflessness and survival to be told.

The story of Patrick Downes and Jessica Kensky is one of them.

Married for just seven months at the time, Patrick and Jessica were among the spectators on Boylston Street cheering on the stragglers last April 15th. When the first bomb went off, Jessica was standing behind Patrick with her arms around him, looking over his shoulder.  As a result, the two suffered nearly identical injuries, and both lost their left leg below the knee.

Obviously, that day destroyed the life Patrick and Jessica thought they would share. The couple that formed a bond while jogging together seven years ago now find themselves incapable of living without the daily assistance of family and friends. However, they’ve remained at each others’ side through all the tumult and strife, and yesterday they crossed the finish line of the 2014 Boston Marathon. Hand in hand.

Love 1, Terror 0.

If you have a minute, read Patrick and Jessica’s full story over at the Boston Globe. It’s pretty moving.

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