ESPN’s Michelle Beadle Invents ‘Blakeing’ in Honor of Blake Griffin’s Water Stunt (Video)

michelle beadle blakeing

On Saturday night, Clippers superstar Blake Griffin accidentally* threw a cup of water on a Golden State Warriors fan after getting called for a foul.

Thirty-six hours later, Michelle Beadle, host of ESPN’s SportsNation invented “Blakeing.”

Now, I really shouldn’t have to explain what “Blakeing” is, but I will anyway, just in case you’re a little slow. You see, any time a famous athlete performs some sort of unique or noteworthy gesture these days, people on the internet take pictures and videos of themselves performing that same gesture in different settings (see: LeBroning, KaepernickingDufnering, Te’oing, and, of course, Tebowing).   So “Blakeing” entails getting upset and throwing water in somebody’s face, accidentally on purpose.

Take a look:

Funny right?

Now, go try it on your boss and let us know how it goes.

*Haha yeah right

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