Tim Tebow Spent Easter Sunday Chopping Wood With Jase Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ (Pic)

tim tebow jase robertson

Tim Tebow is a former Heisman Trophy winner who can’t get a job in the NFL. Jase Robertson is a heavily bearded reality TV star who helps people kill ducks for a living. One is clean cut, the other looks like a homeless man. One is built like a greek statue, the other is…not. So they don’t sound like they’d have much in common.

However, as you probably know, they are both evangelical Christians, and they are both famous. So, obviously, they are friends.

In fact, Tim Tebow and Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson are such good friends that, on Sunday, they got together and celebrated the resurrection of the Lord by chopping up some logs.

Or at least, Tebow chopped up some logs while Robertson watched.

tim tebow chopping logs

Typical Easter Sunday, really.

If you’d like to meet Jase and Tim in person and ask them for some wood chopping tips, you can catch them at the 2014 Wildfire Men’s Impact Weekend Conference in July. They’re both scheduled to speak at the event.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]