Tyler Seguin’s Used Jock Strap is For Sale on eBay

Tyler Seguin's Used Jock Strap

Auction site eBay is one of the premier places for scoring sports memorabilia online, but even the most hardcore collectors might have a tough time putting down their precious cash for this gem.

It’s a “used jock strap” (with the strap cut away, leaving only the cup), used by none other than the Dallas Stars’ Tyler Seguin.

According to the item description, the cup comes with a certificate of authenticity, so any doubt you might have about holding a jock once worn by Tyler Seguin would be a thing of the past. And even though the seller says that the whole thing was supposed to be a joke, he’s asking for $225 in actual, non-comedic currency for the privilege of ownership.

Here’s the description in full:

Up for sale is Tyler Seguin’s game used cup from his jock strap. Acquired after the Bruins had flopped to the Capitals in the 1st round. The cup was purchased before the annual Bruins equipment sale at Pure Hockey in Medford. My buddy worked at Pure Hockey and manage to set aside a few items. One of the items was the jock strap. The fabric of the jock strap had a nasty sweat smell plus was torn on the side so I threw it out but kept the plastic cup. Purchasing the cup was ment to be a joke. Comes with a COA.

A nasty sweat smell, you say? I wonder why that could be. Anyway, if you’d like to purchase Tyler Seguin’s game-used jock for your own memorabilia collection, check out the eBay listing here.

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