Chicago Sports Reporter Ridiculed for Asking Patrick Kane Moronic Question (Video)

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Late last night, after Patrick Kane basically saved the Chicago Blackhawks’ season with an overtime goal against the St. Louis Blues in Game 4 of their Western Conference playoff series, the Twittersphere went apeshit when a Chicago sports reporter asked him if that was his first playoff overtime winner.

Why did the Twittersphere go apeshit? If you have to ask that, you’re obviously not a big hockey fan. Patrick Kane is one of just 15 people to have scored a Stanley Cup-winning goal in overtime, and he is the only person to do it in the last 14 years. So if that was a serious question, the person who asked it was obviously a moron.

Take a look:

Here’s the thing, though. That was not a serious question. It was a terrible joke. The delivery sucked, so nobody got it. But it had to be a joke, and anyone who possesses the faculty of reason ought to be able to understand this.

The sports reporter in question is Peggy Kusinski. She’s been covering sports in Chicago since 1996, and she joined the local NBC affiliate in 2000. There simply is no way that she did not remember one of the most important moments in Chicago sports history that only happened four years ago. It’s not possible.

And yet, people on the internet just refuse to accept the fact that this was a failed joke because, apparently, they really want to believe that what they heard was a totally clueless female reporter.

Surprisingly, this even includes Timothy Burke over at Deadspin, which is usually a pretty progressive operation.

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Look, if you want to wax philosophical and ask if a joke is really a joke if nobody laughs, that’s fine. But I’m going to cut Peggy a break. Her comedic talents may be lacking, but she’s not a moron.

If you really want to pick on somebody, pick on the person who put together that little clip for Comcast Sportsnet. That goal they keep showing over and over? Yeah, it’s NOT the overtime winner from last night.

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