Josh McRoberts Delivered a Flying Elbow to LeBron James’ Throat and It Wasn’t a Flagrant Foul (Video)

josh mcroberts elbows lebron james in the throat

Everyone knows that, when it comes to fouls, LeBron James has a knack for embellishment. Bump into the guy in the paint and he’s going to be flopping around on the floor, regardless of the force inflicted upon him. So it’s understandable that referees would be skeptical when LeBron is writhing around in pain. They are tired of him making them look like fools.

That being said, there was nothing fake or phoney about what happened to LeBron last night. Miami was up 97-94 on the Bobcats in Game 2 of their playoff series when he drove to the hoop. There he was met by the flying elbow of Charlotte forward Josh McRoberts, and he took a pretty nasty blow to the trachea.

Take a look:

Amazingly, ridiculously, inexplicably, the referees did NOT call a flagrant foul on this play, despite the fact that McRoberts obviously went out of his way to go in elbow-first.

I mean, what? Are you guys for real? This is the kind of incompetence that makes idiots think there is a secret cabal of movers and shakers inside the NBA that fixes games.


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