Classy Red Wings Fan Gives Shawn Thornton the Finger During Loss to Bruins (GIF)

red wings fan gives bruins the finger

I don’t know exactly how much it costs to sit right up against the glass at a Red Wings playoff game, but I know it’s definitely north of $100, which is a good chunk of change.

Obviously, though, it’s worth every penny to get right up on the ice, inches away from the action where you can hear every word the players are saying to each other…and where, if you feel so inclined, you can give some a-hole on the other team the old one-finger salute and tell him to go [email protected]#% himself.

That’s what one Wings fans did last night during Game 4 of the Detroit-Boston series. He took full advantage of his super premium vantage point to give Shawn Thorton the finger.

Now, personally I’ve got nothing against a fan showing his emotions in this manner. It’s hockey, not the ballet.

That being said, last year, during the Wings’ series against the Ducks, one of their fans was taunting like this:

I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer it if they went back to that. It was way better.

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