Watch Every Stanley Cup Presentation From 1949 to 2013 (Video)

Red Wings 2008 Stanley Cup Champions

Watching the NHL commissioner hand the Stanley Cup over to the winning team’s captain has always been one of the sport’s most cherished moments.  It is the moment that every young hockey fan dreams of growing up, and it is also the moment that all 30 teams play and sacrifice their bodies for, just to have the chance to be a part of it.

Those who have been watching NHL hockey for the past 65 years have had the privilege of seeing hockey’s holy grail presented 64 times (it was not awarded in 2005 due to the lockout) to 18 different champions.  As for those of you who haven’t been around for long enough to witness the past 64 Stanley Cup presentations, you’ll be happy to hear that YouTube user lostcanuck has compiled every championship presentation into one neat three-minute video.

You can check it out below.  And keep your eye on lostcanuck’s YouTube channel—they claim the video will be updated to include the 2014 Stanley Cup Champion at the conclusion of this year’s NHL Playoffs.

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