Kendrick Perkins Sits on Mike Miller, Revolutionizing NBA Defences Forever (Video)

kendrick perkins sitting on mike miller

If you can’t beat ’em, sit on ’em. That’s how that saying goes, right?

No? Well, don’t tell Kendrick Perkins. He’ll be pretty embarrassed.

Last night, during the second quarter of Game 3 between the Thunder and Grizzlies, Perkins and Memphis forward Mike Miller both dove for a loose ball. However, neither of them came up with it, and instead their collision left Miller on the ground with Perkins basically sitting on top of him.

Kendrick stayed there for a while, too. You half expected him to put on a smoking jacket, take off his shoes, and start sipping some brandy.

I must say, that’s the most creative defensive strategy I’ve seen in a while. Unfortunately, while that kind of thing is fine in college ball, in the NBA you are not allowed to sit on your opponents. So the Thunder ended up losing 98-95 in overtime, falling into a 2-1 series hole.

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