Female Heat Fan Looking Sexy for the Camera (GIF)

Sexy Heat fan wink

Being an attractive woman and a basketball fan means commanding a lot of attention when you go to games. But even so, this Heat fan at a recent game in Miami showed a lot of self-confidence in giving a camera focused on LeBron James a nod and a wink as if LeBron wasn’t even there.

Add in a sexy toss of the hair, and it’s kind of amazing that anybody in the building even knew LeBron was there. For her troubles, she ended up on TV and catching the notice of GIF specialist CJ Fogler, whose work on Twitter you can check out here.

Anyway, you can look at the sexy Heat fan in GIF form below. And if she gets enough buzz going online, it’s possible she might be able to wring some kind of reality TV deal out of this. I can see the title sequence now – she winks at the camera, but it’s not the same.




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