Additional Racist Audio From Donald Sterling Released

Donald Sterling With Girlfriend

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for America’s Least Favorite Racist, more audio of Donald Sterling‘s seemingly endless discussion with girlfriend V. Stiviano has hit the internet. The sequel appears to pick up right where the TMZ audio leaves off, and it goes in some pretty strange directions from there.

That includes an odd bit of conversation about “black Jews in Israel” that has the ring of complete incoherence from both Donald Sterling and his girlfriend (except for the part about him being racist—that still comes through as clear as a bell).  The audio also gives us some more insight into Sterling’s racist mindset, such as his opinion that since he puts food “on (black player’s) tables,” he can’t be a racist….Huh?

The additional Donald Sterling audio was originally posted to Deadspin, and you can see the article about it here. As for the audio itself, provided you haven’t had any large meals recently, you can listen to it below.




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