Barcelona’s Dani Alves Eats Banana Thrown At Him by a Fan (Video)

Dani Alves Eats Banana

Racial tensions can run high in the sport of soccer, with some dumb fans doing things like throwing bananas on the field as a taunt toward Brazilian players. But at a recent game between FC Barcelona and Villarreal, Barcelona’s Dani Alves found the perfect response to the gesture: Pick up the banana, eat the banana, and make the guy who threw the banana feel like a schmuck.

While other players have walked off the field in response to racist abuse from fans—which is, of course, the exact response a racist bully is hoping for—Alves turned the thing into a joke, which is exactly the response a racist bully isn’t hoping for. See how that works?

Putting a cap on the story is the fact that Barcelona went on to beat the home team, 3-2, thanks in part to two goals scored by Alves. But you can watch video of his more important victory below:

Hat Tip – [Metro]



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