Little Leaguer Gets Beaned By Foul Ball While Taking Swings In The On Deck Circle (Video)

little leaguer take foul ball to the face

Did you ever notice how, in Major League Baseball, nobody takes their practice swings in the actual on-deck circle, or how the first and third base coaches never stand in the actual coaches boxes? Well there’s a reason for that: nobody wants to get hit in the face by a baseball.

Now, you would think people running Little League baseball would be even more cautious than the folks in Major League Baseball, given how children are our future and whatnot. But apparently that is not the case. Or at least, it is not the case in the Little League where this happened:

We have no idea where this took place or who is playing, but damn that had to hurt.

And did you happen to notice the reaction of the coach sitting right behind the kid? It takes the guy seven seconds to get off his goddamn bucket and check on the kid. He’s real “coach of the year” material.

Hopefully this kid is okay…despite the indifference.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]