Punches Thrown During Fight at NASCAR Race in Richmond (GIF + Video)

Marcos Ambrose Punching Casey Mears After NASCAR Race

NASCAR isn’t as conducive to fightsbreaking out as some other sports, probably because being strapped into your own car makes it harder to punch any of your opponents. But that didn’t stop Marcos Ambroseand Casey Mears from taking their disagreement off the track after the Toyota Owners 400 at the Richmond International Raceway.

The two came to blows in the garage after the race, with Mears and Ambrose having a heated discussion followed by shoves and at least one punch getting thrown. What specifically provoked the fight isn’t known, but the whole thing was broadcast as part of FOX’s coverage of the race.

That means you can get a good look at the incident in both the animated GIF and the YouTube video of the fight below. As for NASCAR’s response, they don’t seem primed to overreact to the scuffle, with NASCAR Vice President for Competition Robin Pemberton saying the following:

“It doesn’t seem to be much. We don’t think it was anything too severe. We’ll get all the footage that we can and look at it and see what happens from there.”

Here’s a GIF of the fight:


And here’s video:




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