Canadian James Nielsen Breaks Beer Mile World Record (Video)

James Nielsen beer mile

The beer mile involves running a mile while downing a beer after every lap—a task that is almost certainly harder than it sounds, unless you have a lot of experience concurrently drinking beer and running.

The previous record beer mile was five minutes and nine seconds, set by Jim Finlayson back in 2007. That record was shattered by a margin of 12 seconds by James Nielsen, a 34-year-old Canadian. After his accomplishment, he’s quoted by Deadspin as saying, “That is really painful. Holy shit.”

But hey, everybody hurts after a fast mile run, and they don’t get to drink beer while they do it.

You can watch a video all about James Nielsen’s successful attempt to break the beer mile world record below. And for more information on the phenomenon of the beer mile, you can head to the very real website

Here’s the video:

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]




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