Here’s a List of the Sponsors That Are Bailing on Donald Sterling and the Clippers

Donald Sterling

As quickly as the public and NBA fans reacted to Donald Sterling‘s racially charged comments, it only took the business world one working day to react with their checkbooks. Unsurprisingly, sponsors are hauling ass away from the Clippers, some simply suspending their sponsorship (pending an NBA investigation) and some terminating it altogether.

While this is most certainly a dynamic list, with more sponsors jumping ship on an hourly basis, here’s how things stood as of Monday evening:

  • Virgin America airlines has pulled their sponsorship for good
  • Automaker KIA is suspending their sponsorship
  • AquaHydrate, which makes “high performance water,” has suspended their sponsorship
  • State Farm will be “pausing” their sponsorship of the Clippers, but the national Chris Paul campaign will continue
  • Amtrak is reportedly working to kill its sponsorship agreement
  • Auto seller CarMax has ended, not paused, their sponsorship of the Clippers
  • Corona’s parent company, Constellation Brands, has suspended Corona’s sponsorship of the team until after the investigation

That’s the story at the business end, on the first workday after an alleged recording of Sterling’s remarks surfaced and spread like wildfire.

With Mark Jackson calling for a fan boycott of Game 5 (remember, these are people that paid a lot of money to watch a team they love), it should come as no surprise that fairly passionless corporations will have no problem cutting the cord for the sake of avoiding some bad PR, which the Clippers seem to be radiating at the moment.


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