LeBron James and Michael Jordan Have a Moment After Heat Sweep Bobcats (Video)

Jordan Lebron handshake

A few days ago during Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs between the Miami Heat and the Charlotte Bobcats, many spectators swore they saw LeBron James staring Bobcats owner Michael Jordan down before a dunk. LeBron denied it, and the aftermath of the Heat‘s series-winning Game 4 victory would seem to bear him out.

The famously prickly Michael Jordan wouldn’t seem to have any ill will towards LeBron James, since after his team lost to LeBron’s Miami Heat, Jordan and James shared a few kind words and an embrace. According to James, MJ told him “to keep going and stay healthy.” So it’s pretty clear that even if LeBron did stare down Michael Jordan, Jordan doesn’t think so.

You can see video of Michael Jordan and LeBron James’ powwow below, with a little bit of running commentary from LeBron. Perhaps this will put that whole “stare-down” story to rest—but it probably won’t.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Gifdsports on Vine:




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