Jimmy Fallon Tricks Yankees Fans Into Booing Robinson Cano Right To His Face (Video)

jimmy fallon gets yankees fans to boo robinson canoe to his face

Everyone knew Robinson Cano was going to get booed in his first return to New York after following $240 million out to Seattle. That’s what happens when a superstar leaves one team to make more money playing for another team. He gets booed. And it’s not like Cano hasn’t been booed before.

That being said, nobody expected to see random Yankees fans booing Cano to his face on the streets of New York.

We have Jimmy Fallon to thank for that.

On Monday night, ahead of the Seattle Mariners’ series against the Yankees, Fallon had the Bronx Bombers’ former second baseman on The Tonight Show as a guest. However, before Cano sat down for the interview, Fallon sent him out onto the streets to surprise Yankees fans who had been coaxed into booing his jumbo-sized picture.

Obviously, hilarity ensued. Take a look:

So there you have it. Yankees fans may talk tough, but deep down they’re just a bunch of softies.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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