Diamondbacks Fan Spills Beer on His Date While Going For a Foul Ball (Video)

Diamondbacks Fan Foul ball

Dude, if you positioned yourself well, just wait. The ball will come to you.

A nameless (probably not literally) Diamondbacks fan is most likely the subject of good-natured ribbing and a jovial meme or two, after spilling his beer on his date while spazzing out trying to snag a fly ball in the stands. While it’s not certain whether or not he was in fact on a date with the woman beside him, it does make for a much better story, so let’s call her his date.

Needless to say, if she’s the type of girl to get pissy that you spilled beer on her going for a foul ball, she’s also likely the type of girl to get pissy that you took her to a baseball game to begin with.  So he was screwed from the outset if that’s the case.  However, let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, as she looks like a good sport. My guess is, if she was upset about anything, it’s that her date, who is WEARING A BASEBALL JERSEY, can’t one-hand a foul ball while holding a beer.

That’s the real crime here. Not that anyone said spilling a beer was a crime. Party foul, maybe, but that’s just punishable with a small fine.

Here’s a video of the incident: