Here’s a Roundup of the Best Late Night Talk Show Jokes About Donald Sterling (Videos)

conan o'brien donald sterling jokes

You’re probably getting a little sick of hearing about Donald Sterling, and I don’t blame you. I’m getting kind of sick of writing about him. Bear with me, though. This is a good one.

All scandals involving celebrities, sports, and/or popular culture get lots of attention on late night talk shows, and the Donald Sterling scandal has been no different. The story broke over the weekend, and on Monday night the comedic heavyweights of late night television came out hitting.

Who’s had the best bits about everyone’s favorite racist NBA owner so far? Well, here’s my top five.

First up we have Conan O’Brien doing a bit about some new, previously unheard Donald Sterling recordings:

Next is Jimmy Fallon, who dedicated several minutes of Tuesday’s opening monologue to the Sterling debate:

Then there was the original Jimmy—Jimmy Kimmel—who spent a full five minutes talking about Sterling and wrapped things up with a classic Clippers joke:

At number two we have David Letterman, who made some very astute observations about the nature of Sterling’s racist conversation before mocking him in his top 10 list:

And, finally, at number one we have late night newcomer Seth Meyers. He may be the new guy on the block, relatively speaking, but he’s been killing stories like this for years as the host of SNL’s Weekend Update:

So there. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about people making jokes about a despicable racist. I sure have.

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