The List of Celebrities Who Say They Want to Buy the Clippers Is Getting Pretty Long


Yesterday NBA commissioner Adam Silver revealed some severe punishments for Clippers owner Donald Sterling and stated that the league owners would soon take a vote on whether he will be forced to sell the team.

However, it didn’t take an official announcement from the league to get people talking about possible new owners for the franchise. After all, after 40 years of putrid basketball, the Clippers are actually cool now.  They have two huge superstars in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, and many people view them as legitimate championship contenders.

So who’s interested in taking the Clippers off the old racist’s hands?

Well, Magic Johnson was the first person to express interest, and we know he already has financial backers who can afford a billion-dollar deal because they already own the Dodgers. However, Magic isn’t the only famous athlete expressing interest. Oscar De La Hoya has said he’d love to own a piece of the Clippers, as has Floyd Mayweather.

Rappers are interested, too. Rick Ross said he’d like to invest, and Diddy said that, even though he’s a Knicks fan, he wouldn’t pass up a smart investment opportunity.

Oh, then there’s  YG, who said hell buy the Clippers and rename them the Bompton Blippers…though he’s probably kidding.

And speaking of kidding (I think), Frankie Muniz—i.e., Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle—said on Twitter today that he is buying the Clippers.

Still, the biggest celebrity name getting thrown around as a potential buyer is Oprah Winfrey. According to ESPN, Winfrey is considering teaming up with David Geffen and Larry Ellison. And if that’s true, you’d have to declare this group the frontrunners. I mean, Geffen and Ellison are both billionaires, and Oprah is Oprah.

Then again, you do have to wonder if Oprah really wants to help make Donald Sterling another billion dollars.


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