NBA Launches ‘We Are One’ Campaign in Light of Donald Sterling Controversy (Pics + Video)

we are one campaign

For the 29 other owners of the NBA, the racist views of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling isn’t just a social problem. It’s a public relations problem.

That’s why the league acted so swiftly. Just three days after the audio recording of Sterling being a racist asshole went public, the league banned him for life and fined him $2.5 million. The message is clear: “He is not one of us. We do not tolerate this sort of thing. Now please, everyone, keep spending your hard earned money on NBA tickets and merchandise!”

That wasn’t the only action the league took to confront the Donald Sterling crisis, though. They also got their PR department to come up with a new league-wide anti-racism campaign called “We Are One,” which they launched immediately after the announcement of Sterling’s punishment.

It first debuted on the Clippers team website on Tuesday afternoon. By Tuesday night, about 10 other teams had put it up on their website, and just about every other team had launched a social media campaign.

Take a look:

And, of course, there’s also a commercial:

So there you have it. The NBA is one, everybody.


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