Please Enjoy This Video of Peyton Manning Singing Some Johnny Cash

peyton manning singing johnny cash with jake owen

When you go to a charity gala hosted by Peyton Manning, you don’t just get to eat a fancy meal in the same room as the legendary quarterback. You get to hear him sing some Johnny Cash.

Manning and his wife recently held their seventh annual Celebration of Caring Gala in Indianapolis to benefit the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent. Because yeah, he’s given them so much money they named the place after him.

Anyway, at said gala, Peyton joined country singer Jake Owen up on stage to sing the Johnny Cash classic, “Folsom Prison Blues.”

The video was shot by somebody in the audience, so the audio quality isn’t that great. But you can hear clear snippets of Peyton’s performance here and there, and it’s not entirely terrible.

Of course, knowing Peyton, he probably practiced for a couple weeks. Probably had the stage manager there until midnight every night, going over every possible sound and lighting configuration, just so he’d be totally prepared for anything that might happen.

Take a look:

Seriously, you gotta love that guy.

Hat Tip – [For the Win]


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